New SEGA studio working on new Vita game

SEGA today announced a new, UK-based studio that’s dedicated to working on “next-generation” games. For the time being that means Wii U, 3DS and PS Vita rather than the next true PlayStation or Xbox.

The unnamed studio was created from the firm’s neighboring Technology Group. SEGA have confirmed to CVG that the developer’s first project will be a PS Vita exclusive set to launch in late 2012.

Not much is known of the action-adventure title, though Gary Dunn, VP of product development for Sega West has shared the slightest of details: “It’s not a racing game, I can tell you that. It’s currently being developed on PlayStation Vita – but whether that’s it’s only platform will remain to be seen.

“What really impressed us was the way it uses the Vita’s feature set – I genuinely couldn’t put it into a current genre because of the way it uses all them. It’s totally original.”

The game will be based off of a new IP so that counts icons like Sonic out. It’s currently in pre-production, meaning it could be a while before we see it.