Tomb Raider’s combat is “ambitious” – Crystal Dynamics

As we’ve seen earlier in the gorgeous Tomb Raider CG trailer, Lara Croft is quite different than the woman we’ve grown to know; she’s young, frightened and vulnerable and has to learn how to survive. Every moment in the game will have its meaning which will ultimately shape and define Ms. Croft. One of the elements or features that’ll do that is the brand new combat system Crystal Dynamics is working on according to global brand director Karl Stewart, which goes far beyond the quicktime events we’ve seen so far.

“If we’re going to re-imagine the franchise, we want to get people to digest why we are doing it and who she is first,” said Stewart and explained the QTEs were intentional in the demo the developer showed off at E3. He goes on, “combat is very, very dear to our hearts. We have built an entirely new combat team at the studio to work on it. It is very competitive.”

“Combat is ambitious. It was ambitious when i first saw it and now it just feels natural to the game,” he added.

Stewart explained that the iconic two pistols will not be handed to Lara Croft in the beginning as in the past but that she would rather have to fight for them, all the while surviving in a world that she’s not yet familiar with.

Tomb Raider will hopefully give new meaning to the word “reboot,” and we can’t wait to see more of the game, which is set for a 2012 release on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.