FemShep finally being recognized in Mass Effect 3 promotional materials

FemShep is finally breaking through her workplace’s male-dominated hierarchy, participating for the first time in Mass Effect‘s history in the promotional campaign.

“There will be a FemShep trailer [for Mass Effect 3],” BioWare’s Director of Marketing David Silverman has confirmed via Twitter. “We actually had a meeting on her yesterday. We are working on the look now.” The voice, of course, is all Jennifer Hale. Mark Meer’s ManShep is no slouch, but it’s no secret that a majority of Mass Effect players prefer to chart the stars as a woman, due in no small part to Hale’s amazing performance. To look at the trailers, artwork and covers released for the previous two installments, you wouldn’t even know playing as a woman was an option, so it’s good to see FemShep finally getting her due.

Even if it’s 87% of what MaleShep’s due would be for the exact same job.