First details of Trials Evolution race out

When Redlynx showed a teaser trailer for Trials Evolution during E3 2011 it certainly piqued our interest in a new series entry. But now the studio has offered the first official word on the game.

Redlynx co-founder Antti Ilvessuo has shed new light on the game, speaking with Eurogamer recently.

“We have two to four player multiplayer, both locally and online,” Ilvessuo said. “Everyone drives on the same screen and the same track, but on their own driving line. We have a few good tricks to keep the competition fierce and balanced.”

Further, Ilvessuo pointed out that the game’s level editor has benefited from an “incredible amount of changes,” and that the title will offer more minigames and open environments to explore.

As for the game’s release date, Redlynx wouldn’t confirm anything, but did say it plans to have the game out between the end of summer and the end of the year.