The Gunstringer goes retail

Originally slated for an Xbox Live Arcade release this September, The Gunstringer has officially been moved to a full blown retail product. According to Michael Wilford, CEO of Twisted Pixel, the switch can be directly attributed to Microsoft suits, including Steve Ballmer, the company’s CEO.

It seems Ballmer and others from Microsoft caught a demo of The Gunstringer, really liked it, and asked developer Twisted Pixel if the switch from XBLA to a boxed release could be made. Wilford reveals in an interview that the team has been “secretly” readying the boxed version since February.

With the recent deluge of Kinect enabled games at E3 I can’t say news of making The Gunstringer available on store shelves is surprising, but from the footage we have seen, it seems as if the game would be more appealing as a digital download from XBLA versus a full on retail release.