1.3 million customers affected in SEGA Pass hack

SEGA Pass consumers received a scary email on Friday saying that something had hacked into the SEGA Pass database and come away with personal user data including user names, email addresses, dates of birth and encrypted passwords.

SEGA’s now revealed just how many accounts were affected: 1,290,755 to be exact. It was fortunate that no consumer financial data was stored on the site. It’s also nice (albeit expected) to hear that SEGA is taking all the step necessary to protect its customers.

“After the unauthorized entry was identified, we immediately stopped the SEGA Pass service and took emergency action to prevent further damage,” the company announced in a press release. “This action included immediately contacting all our registered SEGA Pass users. We are now fully investigating the cause of the incident.”

Expect updates once more details of this trouble come to light.