Former Split/Second devs form ShortRound Games

A handful of former employees from Pure and Split/Second developer Black Rock Studio — game director Andrew Hubbard, technical director Kim Burrows, technical art director Stuart Pharoah and creative and art director Steve Uphill — have gone and formed themselves a new studio in Brighton, England.

The bunch were made redundant during parent Disney’s recent round of layoffs where 100 people were believed to be affected.

No keeping them down though; says Hubbard: “We’ve just been made redundant from Black Rock which has given us a great opportunity to achieve what we all came into this industry to do; make games that we want to play and in the way that we want to make them.

“We’re all really privileged to have worked on some great games like the Burnout series and Split/Second and have now got the chance to take what we’ve learnt and apply it to our own creations.”

As GamesIndustry reports, the company itself was founded way back in August of 2010, 10 months before Disney made the layoffs public.

It’s not clear what the studio has planned exactly, but: “As for publishers and platforms, we’re in talks with various publishers but not ruling out being self published and are keen to release on iPad or even Sony’s Vita.

“One thing that we know is that we want to make games that really suit the platform, there’s too many iOS games that don’t feel natural on a touch screen and leave you yearning for a joypad.”

ShortRound currently has two demos in the works. Video footage of both is expected in the coming weeks.