Max Payne 3 in December — US retailers

I keep forgetting there’s actually a third Max Payne game set for release. It’s been such a long gap between the second and third compared to the first two that I wonder what could be taking them so long. I mean, it’s no Duke Nukem Forever, but even some of us more patient players have our limits. And now we might finally have ourselves a date.

Max Payne 3 has already been listed for a December release in the US. Both Amazon and Gamestop have the release date down for the 1st of December this year. Now that LA Noire has already been released, played and scrutinised, Rockstar Vancouver are free to work on finishing Max’s next outing.

Despite Amazon’s and Gamestop’s said release date, there hasn’t actually been an official release date. Analyst Jesse Divnich has recently said that “If we look at Rockstar’s track record over the last 24 months, they seem dedicated on owning the month of May (Red Dead and L.A. Noire).” So will May be carrying two guns instead of one, or will Christmas be the season to be jolly in a slow motion kind of way?