SEGA hack was after security update

The recent hack of the SEGA Pass system database happened after new security measures had been implemented.

Speaking to Eurogamer, CEO of SEGA West Mike Hayes explained last month that they had taken a serious look at their security systems following the PSN attack last month: “We did a security audit as a result of [the PSN hack], which is probably six months earlier [than normal], and it was just a good housekeeping exercise.

“We made a couple of changes to some of our security systems. I’m sure most people have done exactly the same.”

He said that the attack on Sony had been “an interesting wake up call for all of us,” and: “Fortunately we seemed pretty solid so we didn’t have to do too many additional changes.”

This was obviously not an accurate assessment, given the hack that followed. In light of the recent string of attacks against various gaming sites, questions must be asked about the state of security and customer protection in the industry in general.

The SEGA Pass service will remain offline while an investigation into the attack has been conducted.