SEGA pledges support for Kinect, Vita, Wii U

SEGA is fully behind Kinect and the new platforms from Sony and Nintendo, if SEGA West CEO Mike Hayes is to be believed.

In an interview with, he made the following comments on Microsoft’s peripheral: “And on Kinect we’ve definitely bought into that with what Microsoft has been saying, they’ve done a great job on Kinect, so we’ve got Rise Of Nightmares exclusively on it, and we’re using Kinect functionality in our games going forward. So it’s ticked a lot of boxes.”

Other publishers like Ubisoft and EA have also announced their continued support for Kinect lately.

Regarding the Vita, Hayes was asked whether SEGA will be among the first to bring titles out for it: “I think so. I mean, we do it because we think it’s commercially appropriate but we do believe in the Vita system, and therefore that’s why we’ve given it our support and we think being out first when there’s relatively fewer titles is quite important.”

He also likes what Nintendo is doing with the Wii U and its controller, and promises that what they’re bringing to the system isn’t just straight ports: “The one thing now about Wii U of course is that its high definition, so there’s now going to be a lot of commonality, but I think we’ve got to be careful that we don’t just want to bring across everything willy-nilly because its another platform that we can advertise our cost on. That controller is absolutely brilliant and we have to think of innovative ways to use the controller,” he said, with one of the games he points to in this regard being Aliens: Colonial Marines, which status as a Wii U title was cast in doubt earlier.