GTA5 on Wii U? Take-Two “looking at it seriously”

What’s that?! Rockstar are taking a break from releasing superb and original games to go back to continuing the Grand Theft Auto saga? And they’re also talking about possibly releasing their car and gun fest to Nintendo’s new family friendly console? What has the world come to?

This surprising news came from Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick on the subject of Nintendo’s possible inclusion of Rockstar’s future releases. When asked outright, he simply replied: “We’ll see. We are looking at it seriously and at the relationship with Nintendo.”

Whilst it is only a possibility at the moment, Rockstar’s games appearing on Nintendo’s new console could be affected by whether it would be a marketable option. Zelnick simply stated that “it will not be driven by me pounding the table saying do it, it will be driven by economic opportunity and creative opportunity.”

So there might be a new Grand Theft Auto game in the works for 2012 and Nintendo’s new console, the Wii U, might be released in 2012. Is there some kind of suspicious similarity here?