LEGO Universe going free-to-play, kind of

It appears that in this day in age subscription-based MMOs of the newer generations eventually go free-to-play at some point or another.  In the case of LEGO Universe it appears that they’ll only be making that transition in a half-baked manner.

The game will continue to be subscription-based which will allow subscribing players to have unabridged access to the entire catalog of the game’s content. However, there will now be a free-to-play version where players will be able to play with no cost to themselves for an unlimited amount of time. The only problem with that is the free players will be restricted in the content department.

While the LEGO Group is calling this new feature a “freemium” version of the game, it looks more like an unlimited trial version to us. The good news is that if you’ve been on the fence about this game or have children that may be interested in it, August would be the perfect time to give LEGO Universe a drive around the block.