EVE Online’s Incarna expansion is live

Perhaps one of the most anticipated expansions to come to EVE Online — arguably of course — has finally launched. The Incarna update has docked itself into the EVE Online universe bringing with it the ability to get up and walk around space stations using your gorgeously updated avatars. Since the unofficially titled Strut-Your-Stuff feature is now live, players will be asked to recreate their avatars upon logging in for the first time.

There are many other additions that have come with the update to Incarna, too much to divulge here, but the addition of the out-of-ship experiences puts EVE Online one step closer to its vision of being the most all encompassing sci-fi MMO of all time. Combine this with future updates and the impending link up with Dust 514 and EVE Online is shaping up quite well to meet that claim.