New Xbox in 2013, developers have “reached the limit” of the 360 – EEDAR

Jesse Divnich, Vice President of gaming research and analyst company, EEDAR, has spoken a bit about when the next generation of consoles will finally come about.

“I have it in my estimates, I think 2013, I think we see a new console in 2013,” he said in an interview with IGN , adding “I think holiday 2013 is when we the Xbox 720 or whatever they want to call it – maybe the Xbox U or maybe they’ll go Xbox Y – I think they will and I think Sony will follow suit. I think a lot of that has to do with Nintendo and them launching their new system.”

Safe predictions from EEDAR then, but more interesting was Divnich’s reasoning for the new systems. “Developers have reached a limit with what they can do on the Xbox 360. Look at L.A. Noire, it comes on three discs. I think that tells you right then and there that developers have reached the potential of what the Xbox can deliver,” he said.

Have we really seen Microsoft’s box max out? Or do 360 exclusives like Ryse still have more power to push?