Bizarre Creations was closed due to shrinking racing genre

Earlier this year Activision decided they needed to offload Bizarre Creations, developer of Project Gotham Racing series, as well as the more recent James Bond 007: Bloodstone and Blur. After trying – and failing – to find a buyer for the studio, Activision chose to shut Bizarre’s doors in February. That decision, according to Acti’s CEO Eric Hirshberg, came as a result of the sagging racing genre the developer was known best for.

Speaking in an interview, Hirshberg says Bizarre’s videogame signature is in the racing world, it is what they are “best at and what they’re known for.” That being the case, Activision had to take into account what was “happening to the racing genre” just as much as they considered “anything specific to Bizarre” when making the decision to close the developer’s studio.

The bottom line, according to Hirshberg, was that room for sales in the racing genre “had shrunk, pretty precipitously,” making Activision feel it wasn’t the “best place for us to put our competitive energies.”