Blizzard speak on iOS gaming

Blizzard is a developer known for pushing vast MMOs and top-tier PC specs. They’re not exactly the first company we think of when people say “iOS developers,” but there’s undeniable potential for their franchises to reach mobile platforms. The developer’s own Greg Street has spoken to Eurogamer about the opportunities and chances that mobile games present for the team.

“Everyone I know here has an iPhone or an iPad so we’re huge fans of the hardware,” he said. “If we could make the right game changes to make that work, it’s something we’d be interested in. It’s not something you’re going to see in the next week or two, but it’s the kind of thing we’re always looking at.”

More specifically though, could the team ever bring World of Warcraft to the platform? “That’s a really big topic. The one [issue] that comes to mind is that WOW is designed for use of a mouse and a keyboard and we haven’t yet seen a console solution that lets us replicate it easily,” he said.

“I suspect that we would also want to own a lot more of the back-end than most console companies would be willing to let us have. Right now we’re being pretty successful just supporting the PC and Macintosh. We’d love to do it if it ever made sense – I’m sure we would.”