Child of Eden PS3 delay not due to Xbox exclusivity

Child of Eden seems to be all sorts of goodness on the Xbox 360. With precise Kinect controls, as well as solid use of the regular controller, it would seem the game was tailor made for Microsoft’s console, leaving PlayStation 3 owners out in the cold on purpose. Take heart, says James Mielke of developer Q Entertainment, that’s not the case at all.

Mielke says Q Entertainement hasn’t ignored the PS3 version of Child of Eden in favor of the Xbox edition, it’s just a matter of staffing, with each iteration being developed by a small crew of about 30 people. He goes on to say the developer isn’t “farming anything out,” instead choosing to work on everything in-house.

Such dedication to creating a superb game takes time, but Mielke says it will “definitely be worth the couple months that people have to wait for the PS3 version to get finished.”