Eidos life president gets Development Legend Award

Ian Livingstone, industry veteran and current Eidos life president, is to be present with the Development Legend Award at this year’s Develop Industry Excellence Awards in the UK.

Livingstone, who’s been working with Eidos before it was even Eidos is being recognized for “establishing the UK’s gaming roots” as Developer editor-in-chief Michael French puts it. Having co-founded the ever-popular Games Workshop back in 1975, Livingstone has worked on Tomb Raider titles since their inception in the 90’s and also co-wrote the role-playing book Fighting Fantasy. He joins an exclusive list of recipients that include Peter Molyneux and Phil Harrison among others.

Speaking of the award, Livingstone said: “I’m very fortunate to have been part of the UK games industry for over 35 years. To receive this coveted Award is a genuine honour. Recognition by the development community is particularly satisfying and I am very grateful. Thank you all in the Develop team.”

Livingstone will collect his award at a ceremony on July 20 in Brighton.