Lack of interest stopped Second Sight sequel

Released in 2004, Free Radical’s Second Sight was an interesting attempt at making something more out of a shooter over just pulling a trigger for 10 hours. A ho-hum critical and commercial reception meant that the franchise didn’t really take off though, something that the developer, now Crytek UK, has elaborated on.

Crytek UK boss Jarl Hilton has said: “Overall it didn’t generate sufficient interest for us to feel it was worth making a sequel.

“We had some ideas ready, but we decided it didn’t have any momentum as a new franchise. Codemasters gave Second Sight good support and we even released a PC version (which wasn’t part of the original release plan),” he added.

“Ultimately history appears to have been much kinder to the game than we would have thought after its initial release.”

Despite the “kindness” of history, it doesn’t sound like the team will ever go back to the franchise. TimeSplitters 4 may very much be on the cards, but John Vattic looks to be done for good. “Second Sight does crop up occasionally in discussions in the gaming community about good narrative in games and games that were ‘sleeper’ hits (although you could never describe the final sales figures as a hit),” Hilton added.

“As a developer you always automatically want more marketing as it is always a positive and should help your game to sell more.

“However, I think the lack of a proper ‘build up’ phase when we didn’t have a publisher hurt us more in the long run. A new IP needs to build anticipation and hype in the gaming community and Second Sight didn’t get that chance.

“In terms of press reviews, it certainly didn’t get the overwhelmingly positive response that you always hope for. Most reviewers ‘liked’ it and it got a mix of reasonable scores for story, graphics, sound etc. but nothing outstanding.”

We’d admittedly forgotten all about this one. Good thing then, that Free Radical’s TimeSplitters series got the attention it deserved.