Next Rainbow Six to be multi-path, morality-based — report

Those  rumors of an E3 reveal for a new Rainbow Six game didn’t quite come to fruition this year, but it looks like an official announcement is right around the corner.

Kotaku are claiming to have seen the game for themselves, shedding light on early details in a first preview. It looks like the elite squad will be undergoing yet another face lift after their adventures in Vegas, with the action set in New York this time around. A terrorist cell, angry with Wall Street and banks (and all that other terrorist-inducing stuff), have started attacking the city, and it’s Rainbow’s job to slaughter just about everyone that stands in front of them.

Not the most original idea, but what does sound unique is the way the game is presented. In a level shown to the site, the player first assumes the role of a stranger whose house it broken into by the cell. Taken hostage, the player has to keep hold of a trigger that, if let go of, will detonate the explosive vest strapped around him. Bummer.

The action later shifts to the Rainbow team, who intercept the enemy on a bridge. The setting is packed with innocent lives, still trapped in cars strewn along the road. Once the team have taken care of the enemy, they’re presented with an important choice; risk thousands of lives by disarming the vest or take the safest option and, uh, chuck him off the bridge (to prevent the explosion causing harm of course). The latter option will give you a brief glimpse into the hostage’s life before he’s blown into a million pieces.

Interesting, huh? It’s still early days, but this could mean that the new Rainbow Six transforms into a multi-path shooter. Think Heavy Rain meets Call of Duty. Kotaku state this may not be included in the final product, but we’re sure hoping it does. Make it happen, Ubisoft.

The site also got a hold of two “early, rough” in-game shots from the project. Catch those here.