Ninja Gaiden on Wii U takes inspiration from Ninja Gaiden on DS

Team Ninja will be bringing the much-anticipated Ninja Gaiden 3 over to Nintendo’s Wii U as revealed at E3 this year, and we can expect it to be one of the ports that takes advantage of the system’s ambitious controller.

Team Ninja localization manager Peter Garza has told GiantBomb that, while this version of the game is around 30% complete, the team is still looking at new ways to control Ryu. Of course, the franchise’s first touchscreen outing, Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword, is playing a big part in the development.

“We’re looking forward to a merging of Ninja Gaiden 3 gameplay and visuals with Dragon Sword touch commands,” Garza said. The project is still young however, thus could still change to a more traditional control method.

Meanwhile over in PS3 and 360 camp, Ninja Gaiden 3 will hit in early 2012.