Sony accused of laying off security staff prior to PSN breach

Sony laid off a number of staff responsible for the security of its users’ data just before the April PSN breach occurred, a class action lawsuit filed in a San Diego federal court this Monday alleges.

While ‘lavishly’ protecting its corporate data with firewalls and other measures, the same was apparently not done for the information of its customers.

Sony lost the account information of 77 million of its PSN and Qriocity users as a result of the hacks, with the whole drama costing the giant over $170 million. Sony has said it may never know what exactly was stolen.

The company is said to also have fired a “a substantial percentage” of its Sony Online Entertainment workforce, “a number” of them from its Network Operations Centre.

SOE fell victim to a data breach as well; close to 25 million user accounts were compromised.