WP7 Mango Games Hub update detailed

Big changes are coming to Windows Phone 7 with its Mango update, and the gaming side of things especially will be improved.

What new bells and whistles will Microsoft be adding? The company has detailed that right here, and there looks to be some significant tweaks.

Navigation through your collection is now much easier, with games listed alphabetically just like normal apps. A ‘Recent’ category has also been added to find the last three games you’ve played much faster. You’ll also find that, when you get into the games hub itself, 3D avatars are now much more prominent. They’ll have more emotions on display and will react in different ways to actions like shaking the phone.

Other Xbox Live features are now built into the hub. That means things like messaging, friends lists and integrated achievements are all right there when you switch on the phone. Menus have been brushed up to improve features like the Spotlight games section and mutliplayer game requests have also been improved.

The result is an easier to manage hub that’s easy on the eyes, much like the 360’s own dashboard. Mango launches this fall.