Star Wars: Galaxies will soon be far, far away

Apparently on our tiny planet Earth there is only enough room for one Star Wars MMORPG. As EA and BioWare prepare to launch Star Wars: The Old Republic later this year, LucasArts and SOE are pulling the plug on Star Wars: Galaxies, which has been online since 2003.

Said the companies in a joint statement: “We have had the rare opportunity to host one of the most dedicated and passionate online gaming communities and we truly appreciate the support we’ve received from each and every one of you over the course of the past eight years.”

December 15, 2011 will be the last day of Star Wars: Galaxies, and it will be accompanied by a “galaxy-ending in-game event” to wrap up the adventure. That sounds like a fun incentive to get users to keep playing until the end of the year. We just pray the Hutts don’t end up taking over the Galaxies.