Black Death to come from I Am Alive dev

Amid speculation of the unreleased I Am Alive going the digital distribution route – or worse, the way of the Dodo – developer Darkworks has announced another project, a survival horror FPS titled Black Death. With little info to go on, our first glance seems strikingly similar to the setting in Alive, with a world in ruins falling down around the ears of the a survivor among the rubble.

The premise of the game is simple: An American city is overrun by mysterious smoke, spreading a disease that mutates humans. The player in Black Death is tasked to either cure or kill the infected people while trying to rid the city of the smoky terror. The game doesn’t seem to be a simple run-and-gun though, with players given the chance to create chemical weapons and test their effectiveness on various enemies throughout the game.

What’s it going to be: Cure humanity or kill the infected? A question I ask myself everyday.