Epic’s Fergusson has Gears of War 3 unlock details

Gears of War 3 executive producer Rod Fergusson has shed some light on what exactly players need to do in previous Gears of War games to unlock content in the trilogy’s final chapter, due out this September.

“It’s mostly around weapon skins in terms of tying into historical stuff,” said Fergusson to MTV Multiplayer. “Two of the weapon skins are based on historical weapon skins, so if you want the gold lancer and the gold hammerburst in Gears 3, you get them by owning the gold hammerburst and the gold lancer in Gears 2, so those skins transfer over.”

Fergusson also commented on unlockable chrome skins in addition to the gold ones: “If you did something in Gears PC you get a chrome skin, if you did something in Gears 2 you get a chrome skin. The chrome set is sort of our thank you to people who played our games in the past.”

It’s important to note that none of these historical unlockables will actually gives players an advantage when playing Gears of War 3. Rather, all the bonuses affect the game in a way that merely makes it look like you know what you’re doing. Still, if you absolutely need to unlock everything in Gears of War 3, you would best be served going back through prior Gears titles this summer in preparation for the highly anticipated early autumn launch.