5+ years of 360 still to come — Microsoft

We’ll all be bumping into Xbox 360s in stores for another 5-6 years, Microsoft would have us believe, with Kinect seen as the device that has extended the console’s life expectancy.

“We see it as about halfway through,” says the company’s EMEA chief Chris Lewis. “Xbox is defying the normal curve you might expect. There’s no doubt that Kinect put a huge shot of adrenaline into the business.”

Microsoft released the motion sensor last November and has sold over 10 million units of the device since. It has become the fastest-selling consumer electronics device ever.

“What we are now seeing is massive swathes of families and younger audiences flocking to it,” Lewis continues. “As you saw at the [E3 2011] press conference, we are now in line with what we projected at E3 2010.”

Despite the heavy focus on family, the company isn’t forgetting the hardcore though, it’s still pointed out: “What you will see is us using Kinect to enhance the experience and not detract from it. I don’t think our core gamers will tolerate anything else from us.”

A few examples of Kinect functionality in core games were indeed revealed at E3 this year; see here for a demo Ghost Recon: Future Soldier‘s GunSmith feature. And then there’s voice control in Mass Effect 3.

This doesn’t rule out the release of new consoles of course. It’s already rumored that both Microsoft and Sony will be revealing their next-gen hardware in 2012.