Bungie’s Marathon coming free to iPad

Bungie’s bringing Halo’s pixelated predecessor, Marathon, free to iPad. In an interview with Bungie.net, software developer Daniel Blezek revealed that he started working to port the mid-90s sci-fi shooter shortly after the first iPad shipped in April 2010. He also revealed that the soon to be released iPad version will run at 30 FPS, will feature onscreen controls adapted from the original keyboard commands, and will for the first time have an aiming reticule to make repelling the invading S’pht and Pfhor hordes a little easier.

Marathon was Bungie’s big break, a MAC-patable take on Doom that got the company noticed and nabbed by Microsoft, but not before they were able to open-source the Marathon game engine, which runs as Aleph One on MAC and MAC only. Suck it PC, you had Doom 2!

“For many, Marathon will invoke a wave of nostalgia; for others, this will be the first experience with the seminal Mac FPS,” said Blezek, “[but] I hope all players appreciate Bungie’s commitment to their fans. It’s not every company who would support bringing a 16 year old game back to life!