Free-to-play coming to Xbox 360 — report

A microtransaction system is in the works for Xbox 360, rumor has it. According to whispers heard by Develop, Microsoft is making preparations in an effort to bring free-to-play titles to the console.

Citing “several sources connected to the matter,” the publication says the company is scrambling behind the scenes to find out who’d be up for developing titles based on the microtransaction or premium upgrade models. Should  it happen, players are said to be able to convert Microsoft Points into in-game items on the fly.

This would fall in line with the on-going trend, certainly, as free-to-play is the big thing right now; some MMOs are bringing in more profits than ever with the model, and even Valve’s threw its hat in the ring by recently making its multiplayer hit Team Fortress 2 free-to-play.

Microsoft itself has withheld comment though, so we’ll have to wait it out.