L.A. Noire development described as “hostile and brutal”

Cole Phelps’ misplaced fury for grieving widows and traumatized teens is apparently nothing compared to Brendan McNamara, the head honcho of L.A. Noire‘s Team Bondi, who has been accused by an anonymous ex-employee as being “the angriest person I’ve ever met.”

Following reports that 130 developers were omitted from the game’s credits, IGN has published an exposé featuring testimonials from 11 former Team Bondi-ites who reported working brutal 110-hour weeks, facing constant employee turnover and enduring abusive dressings-down in the middle of the office.

“At first, it was fun. New studio, big, new game. As time went by and the project wasn’t coming together as fast as management wanted it to, they started to become aggressive and demanding,” said one insider. “That led to people quitting, or being forced out when they didn’t obey direct orders. It became a nasty place to be.”

The tyrant himself has responded to the accusations, and not with denial.  “The expectation is slightly weird here, that you can do this stuff without killing yourself,” said McNamara. “Well, you can’t, whether it’s in London or New York or wherever; you’re competing against the best people in the world at what they do, and you just have to be prepared to do what you have to do to compete against those people.”

“If you wanted to do a nine-to-five job, you’d be in another business.”