Dark Souls does DIY shield designing

You wouldn’t think that a punishing, niche game like Dark Souls and the social networking of Facebook would ever really mix together, but even the most dedicated on knights need to poke their friends from time to time.

Thus, action RPG is hosting a competition via the social site. Fans are given three shield templates to sketch their own designs onto, which they can then submit to be voted on by other fans. Entries can be submitted all the way up to July 28, although only those submitted before or on July 13 will go through to the final vote.

The 10 highest voted designs from each template will go through to the developers at FromSoftware. They’ll then choose the top three designs (one from each template) to go up as post-launch DLC for the game.

If you see a shield with the letters “TVGB” marked onto it, make sure you give it a vote. Please.