Microsoft questions motives for 3D

3D 3D 3D. If anyone keeps on going on and on about how great it is to have an extra dimension in modern visual technology, I’ll beat them with my fist. My three-dimensional fist. Even videogames have jumped on board the eye-popping band wagon with 3D games on the Nintendo 3DS and Sony’s PlayStation 3 getting a similar treatment. But it could look like Microsoft will be the only ones give a sceptical flat glance at this new fad.

Right now, Microsoft are playing it safe and waiting to see how this new technology handles in the videogame market. Xbox senior product manager David Dennis has said: “There was a big rush by some other folks in the industry to convince people they want to play in 3D. You can question the motivations of why they want to make everyone go buy a new TV perhaps, but I think 3D has to fit in a natural way where it fits with the gameplay.”

Dennis also went on to question whether or not it would add to the gaming experience, saying: “Does it distract from the gaming experience? Is it something they want to play long-term? Or is it something they try a few times and then go back to regular 2D modes?”

As you read this on your (most likely) two-dimensional desktop screen, shouldn’t you be asking yourself the same question as your mouse cursor hovers coyly over the ‘buy’ button on a Sony 3DTV?