MotorStorm Apocalypse limited time demo races to PSN

A multiplayer demo of MotorStorm Apocalypse has arrived on PSN. Though, strangely, the sampler will be available for download for 7 days only. A “special week-long demo event,” the PS Blog has branded it.

Online play will remain active until next Thursday, July 7 at 02:00 PDT.

Included are three maps — The Mile High Club, Off the Rails, Ship Shape — for 16-player online and 2-player split-screen races, with five vehicle types — Superbike, Buggy, Supercar, Racing Truck and Big Rig — to choose from. Stereoscopic 3D support is also in.

Worth the download? Jamie rather liked it; he gave high remarks to the fast-paced online modes in his review back in March.