Sony restructures management

Sony announced today that the company is shaking things up at the top.

Kaz Hirai, formerly head of Sony Computer Entertainment, is being pushed up the ladder and is now (deep breath) “Representative Corporate Executive Officer and Executive Deputy President, Sony Corporation, and President of Consumer Products & Services Group (CPSG)”.

Andrew House, formerly head of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, takes over his old job.

Jim Ryan, formerly VP and Co-COO of SCEE, will in turn take up House’s old position.

That means the Board of Directors now looks like this:

  • Kazuo Hirai, Chairman
  • Andrew House, President and Group CEO
  • Kunimasa Suzuki, Deputy President
  • Howard Stringer, CEO and President of Sony Corporation
  • Masaru Kato, Chief Financial Officer of Sony Corporation

The changes also mean that chairman Akira Sato will retire, and that Ken Kutaragi will retire from the role of Honorary Chairman of SCEI. Kutaragi, the ‘father of PlayStation’, will still be around as the senior technology adviser of Sony Corporation.