Arma 3 more open-ended, has side-quests

Bohemia’s Arma 3 will be taking a more “open-ended” approach to its single-player campaign design. Expect sandbox elements like quests, which can expand on the game’s narrative, and side-quests which give players access to better gear, intel, vehicles and so on.

“Your main objective may be to destroy an enemy base, because a friendly force is threatened by the enemy presence. By following some hints, you may eventually get a local guerrilla chieftain to distract the OPFOR in order to weaken its defenses or receive some close air support, all of which can make your effort much easier,” designer Ivan Buchta explained in a recent interview.

“Maybe you would even stumble upon a piece of Intel which would make the friendly command reconsider their intent.”

Still, don’t expect an all-out RPG structure to the military sim. The studio is “not abandoning the scenarios (missions), which are much simpler and shorter providing the element of instant fun.”

“I am sure this kind of gameplay will be attractive for many players including the seasoned Arma veterans.”

Arma 3 was announced just before E3 (our quick impressions here) for a ‘summer 2012’ release. Grab a teaser trailer and first in-game shots here.

System requirements are also already available.