Better visuals, AI in post-Absolution Hitman

IO Interactive’s community manager Nick Price has gone to some lengths to talk about what may be in the cards for the Hitman series once the long-awaited Absolution is out and about.

First, expect upgrades to Glacier 2, the new game engine the developer has said may “rival the best” (judge for yourself from the first in-game shots). Price says that “dramatic improvements” will be made to the graphics as well as artificial intelligence. As for gameplay advances, “it’s too early to say what ideas from Hitman Absolution will carry over into later Hitman games.”

Absolution will feature a number of gameplay concepts new to the series, such as Instinct which, for example, allows players to see enemies’ path of movement.

“I’m sure we’ll want to listen to the comments from the fans when Absolution ships and we’ll monitor what gameplay features people are enjoying and respond from there…”

While it’s good to know IO’s already thinking about the future of the series, it’s back to the present for a moment; Absolution comes first, and it should prove to be worth the wait. “The team is doing everything it can to make the absolutely best Hitman game ever,” Price says, “and I personally think they’re succeeding. It plays incredibly well already.”

Hitman Absolution is out sometime in 2012.