Blizzard’s Titan a casual MMO — analyst

World of Warcraft maker Blizzard’s next MMO, labeled Titan for now, is a “casual” affair. So says Arvind Bhatia, an analyst at Stern Agee.

In a note to investors (*.pdf), Bhatia writes that the next 12-24 months will see the release of “expansion packs for Starcraft and World of Warcraft, a new Diablo game,” as well as “a new casual MMO.”

Bungie’s new property is put in the same timeframe as well.

Following the fact, Bhatia has confirmed to Gamasutra that he was in fact referring to Titan as the casual MMO and not some other product, just so there’s no confusion. He expects it to launch in calendar 2013.

Actual details on the new MMO’s gameplay are still tightly under wraps, but Blizzard has said it’s trying to “break the mold” with the new game and not create a WOW sequel.