Deadly Premonition creator planning new game

The team behind Deadly Premonition, 2010’s wonderfully weird low-budget, high camp survival horror game, is ready to start working on their next cult classic, they just need some cash to start the strange ball rolling.

“It’s high time we started working on something new,” said director Hidetaka “SWERY65” Suehiro on his blog. “However, since the company I work for, Access Games, is only a developer at this point, we focus on creating games … we have to team up with a publisher and create a scheme for the entire process from production to release.”

“In other words, the reality of the matter is that I can say I want to make a new game! As much as I want, but that alone is not enough to start the process. Would anyone be ready to invest in us?”

This would usually be the the point where I’d make a punny “premonition” joke, but I’m in a hurry to start building that Deadly Premonition 2 kickstarter page – the world of videogames needs more sinner sandwiches!