Sony starts thinking virtual reality

With 3D technology just out the door, Sony is looking forward to what they expect to be the next big thing in gaming: virtual reality. According to Mick Hocking, the top man in Sony’s worldwide studios stereoscopic 3D team, immersive VR gaming could be available “in the not too distant future,” even with current technology.

With the company’s recently announced head-mounted display (HMD), Hocking expects gaming to get where “we really wanted to get with virtual reality in the ’80s,” but couldn’t due to the limited ability of the tech. However, he says we now have the power, as well as the screen resolution, to do virtual reality gaming properly. Hocking continues, saying “we’ve got the processing power to update fast enough so that we can have very, very immersive experiences on head-mounted displays in gaming in the not too distant future.”

All of this isn’t a pipe dream, as Sony has shown off several prototype devices, including a 3D enabled HMD which features 720p displays for each eye and simulated surround sound. While I doubt we will all be wearing massive headgear in the near future, looking like a family of VirtualBoys, the tech is promising and 3D glasses are becoming more and more common.