Super Meat Boy on Mac? “Later”

Team Meat, the two-man development team behind Super Meat Boy, has assured Mac gamers that a version of their stress level boosting videogame is still incoming. It’s just going to be “later, later,” according to Tommy Refenes, one half of the developing duo.

Refenes says he is doing his “absolute best” in trying to get the game coded to the Mac platform. Not just from a monetary standpoint either, but mainly because it’s something that is “bugging the s*** out of me, that I want to get finished.” It’s just not something that can be slapped together with various missing parts or changing a couple of 1’s to 0’s.

“It’s a lot of mental effort getting back into working on a game that I worked on for 18 months straight,” Refenes explains. “The difficulty is not in the work, the difficulty is in the motivation and the desire to open up the code again and work on it when I’d rather work on new stuff. I’m doing it, it’s just taking a while.”