Fable: The Journey powered by Milo tech

Remember that creepy Project Milo tech demo? It was certainly creepy, but it is also proving to be quite significant for Fable: The Journey.

According to a recent report, Fable: The Journey used an “enormous” amount of technology from the cancelled Milo project.

The news comes from the mouth of none other than Peter Molyneux, who said the following: “We are using an enormous amount of Milo technology in Fable The Journey, and I think it’s going to be super special.”

As for whether or not The Journey will be on-rails or not? Molyneux shot that rumor down.

“It is not an on-rails game,” he said. “I want the game to tell you an amazing story. I want to make games that can make you cry, that can put a lump in your throat.”

Look for Fable: The Journey next year for Kinect.