Firefall developer wants out of Webzen contract

Firefall developer Red 5 Studios is looking to take giant Webzen to court.

According to CEO Mark Kern, who is writing on the game’s official forums, the Korean publisher as it exists today “is not the Webzen that Red 5 partnered with at the beginning of this project.”

In other words, they want out.

“The original executives are all gone, and new management has replaced them. Unfortunately, we do not feel the new management of Webzen has honored their obligations towards Firefall, particularly in Asia. The current management of Webzen is a stark contrast to the original CEO and executives who were once so excited to work with us on the game.”

Kern says the studio is hoping to both terminate their contract with the publisher as well as recover $5 million in North American marketing.

The message wraps up: “As you know, we are in a period of intense disruption in our industry. We are again in a gaming world where small, independent developers can make a difference. We intend to make that difference. We intend to stand up to Webzen, a large Korean publisher, and show them we expect developers to be treated fairly. Please join us, and show your support. It really helps.”

Firefall, a PC-only free-to-play MMO shooter, is expected in the ‘winter 2011’ window.