Black Rock’s final project a free-to-play game

Earlier this week Disney announced its plans to shut down Split/Second developer Black Rock Studio. The studio was reportedly working on a new project at the time of the layoffs, and now that game has been revealed.

According to a source speaking with Eurogamer, Black Rock’s last game was a free-to-play game tentatively named Champions Alliance.

The source said that the game was similar to Riot Games’ League of Legends and was to release, at least in beta form, in “six ¬†months or so.”

However, that game never got off the ground because Disney reportedly had no faith in the studio to make anything other than racing games.

“Disney seemed unable to work out what to do with the studio and didn’t trust us to do anything other than racing really – despite having a range of great talent at the studio, from a wide variety of backgrounds,” said the source.