BioWare and DICE, “knowledge sharing and asset sharing”

While the high definition era we’re living in at the moment should by no means go shunned or even be taken for granted, there’s more to a game than just looking at shiny, realistic and/or over-the-top graphics. Sound is just as vital to any game as visuals are, which is why aural collaborations between two giants such as BioWare and DICE is a nice thing to have knowledge about.

Mass Effect 3 developer BioWare has reportedly been in touch with Battlefield 3 developer DICE, asking for assistance and doing “a lot of knowledge sharing and asset sharing” in the audio department according to sound designer Rob Blake, referring more specifically to the changes in sounds depending on the kind of environment the player is in.

“We’re taking on board some of their environmental changes that they’ve done really well. The new [Mass Effect 3] Assault Rifle has different layers that change depending on what type of environment you’re in, for example. There are lots of interactions between sounds – you can hear the different decay as shots echo off walls,” explained Blake.

“One of the things I wanted from them was their environmental interactions, so that when you go into different areas things change quite drastically. They also have a sophisticated ducking system – when you fire your gun it will lower the volume of other people’s guns.”

Blake also informed that the team is doing “a lot of knowledge sharing which has been really useful,” expressing admiration for the Battlefield franchise and its impressive sound design, all the while clearly stating that the modern military and sci-fi shooters are “very different games” as he explained that “their focus is just the guns but we have spaceships, biotics and tech powers and all this extra stuff that we have to deal with.”

Mass Effect 3 is set to be released on March 6th, 2012 on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, if the team can figure out what to do with Tali, that is…