Portal 2’s soundtrack gets bigger, still free

During the final days of May this year, Valve released the first notes of Portal 2‘s soundtrack. Furthermore, they were released for free; a good way to keep gamers in touch with a title that more likely than not will be up against the big ones later this year, grabbing a few awards. And it is not unlikely that one of said awards might be for that game’s soundtrack which is quite different and plain weird once you listen to it rather than just hear it while you’re shooting turrets through portals.

In the spirit of giving, Valve has now released the second part of Portal 2‘s soundtrack which includes 18 tracks plus a number of ringtones. And again, it’s all free and available for anyone to download on the official website. Still no “Want You Gone” by┬áJonathan Coulton, which is featured during the game’s credits, but with an undetermined yet expected release of a third part, we’re not sweating it yet.

Now, if we all could just get our hands on that free (?) DLC