Wii U Zelda “not necessarily” the same as demo

When Nintendo announced the Wii U — which we managed to get our hands on – at this year’s E3 show, the expected and inevitable footage of a Zelda game was showcased, which we now know might “not necessarily” be what the final Wii U Zelda title will look or even play like once it hits shelves. That’s according to the series producer Eiji Aonuma, who’s hell-bent on not making the same mistake the company did when it introduced the GameCube back in the day.

“You probably remember that when we introduced the GameCube, we showed a somewhat realistic Zelda demo,” said Aonuma. “And what we actually created was the cel-shaded Wind Waker. So when we show a graphic demo, people think, ‘Oh, this is what the next Zelda will look like,’ but that’s not necessarily the case,” he added.

Aonuma went on to say that he’s more involved with the Wii U than previous consoles, explaining that he’s “on one of the committees that oversaw the general steering and direction” of the 2012-bound console. “We talked to each other a lot about several elements, one of which was, ‘How exactly will the HD graphics work?’ In doing concepts for that … we used Zelda assets quite often to examine, OK, how real will we make this look.”

In other words, fans are encouraged to pipe down and slow down the hype-train because there’s no saying the footage demo’ed will represent the final product.