PS Store redesign coming — rumor

PlayStation Store is in for a facelift, rumor has it.

According to Reg Hardware, Sony is redesigning the destination to be more like Steam and Xbox Live, putting more focus on images and less on text. Wouldn’t that be nice.

The new look supposedly comes with much less clutter as well as “logically marked sections and rolodex lists.”

In addition, a new live search function is expected.

Also going under the knife is the movie section which is said to be more like IMDb; when selected, a film’s details — actors etc. — appear on the right hand side and are clickable (go directly to an actor’s filmography, for example). The same applies to games which can be listed by by genre, publisher, developer etc.

All the blue is also a thing of the past, apparently. Expect black background with ‘ultra bright colors’ in the new design.

Sony is believed to be market-testing all the newness right now but, of course, rumor is a rumor.