Windows Phone 7 Marketplace passes 25k apps

It may not be up to iOS levels quite yet, but Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Marketplace has crossed the 25,000 application mark, half of them free, according to a bunch of interesting graphs on WindowsPhoneApplist. The feat was managed by over 7,000 developers in 9 months following the first WP7 phones’ release last November.

The largest share of any category is of course games. They account for 17% of all apps available for the OS.

To compare, in roughly the same timeframe Apple’s App Store had 35,000 and Android Market 20,000 apps. Not too shabby for the softie then? With giant Nokia going exclusively with Windows Phone software in the future, things can only go up.

Microsoft is prepping a major update for the phone which is due out this fall. Among the thing being overhauled is the Games Hub. More on that here.