Black Rock devs got “shafted,” says source

With the unfortunate announcement of Black Rock Studio’s closure earlier this month, anonymous staff has come forward and expressed dismay at how “clumsily” Disney handled the entire situation, explaining that Black Rock just never stood a chance.

When Disney decided to focus on more casual and social games, sequels to Split/Second and/or Pure were the first to take a hit, but not without Disney offering Black Rock a chance to pitch a new idea which would embrace the company’s future plans. It all went south at this point, evidently, as employees described Disney to be “paying lip-service to us with this talk of the pitch.”

“Anything we suggested wasn’t going to be accepted.”

“At least Activision did it properly – and everyone treats them like a villain. [Bizarre] got real support and feedback. We haven’t – we’re getting shafted,” expressed the source. Bizarre Creations picked a fight with Black Rock last year, using Blur as its weapon.

It’s certainly been a bad breakup, but former Black Rock employees Nick Baynes and Ian Monaghan are up on their feet already, founding Roundcube Entertainment and giving themselves — and hopefully more job seekers — a second shot at the industry.