Deus Ex hackers to suffer consequences for theft

In late May, hackers decided it would be fun to grab an early version of upcoming first-person shooter Deus Ex: Human Revolution as part of their own human revolution. Only, the plan backfired because Square Enix has been on the hunt for the intruders and as it turns out, has found fifteen Italian nationals who are all believed to be involved in the theft.

Square Enix claimed the Italians gained access to the restricted material using log in details of Italian games magazine GMC, ensuring access to the company’s servers. Once inside, they grabbed the preview build of the game and released it on torrent sites, a crime for which the fifteen are being taken to court to be held responsible for their actions due to copyright infringement as well as damages “in excess of $5000,” according to claims.

GMC seems not to have been implicated in the process as the IP address from which the servers were intruded from had nothing to do whatsoever with neither the magazine nor the reviewer who had access to it.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is set for a mid-August release on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.